Technologies for Observing and Monitoring Plastics in the Oceans

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Plastics in the oceans pose a mounting existential threat to life in the oceans and on land, including human life, and technologies to observe, measure and monitor the flow of plastics into, and within, the oceans are urgently needed in support of mitigating the threat.

Omni-Situ surface currents derived from ship motion

Yan Guichoux



Our presentation focus on the description of a transformative technique allowing omni-situ ocean surface currents measurements relying on environmental data sets and ship motions data analytics. The technology makes it possible to retrieve real time and historical ocean surface currents information at a global scale. First the technique is introduced, how machine learning on environmental data sets and ship motions can produce omni-situ ocean surface currents.Technology fields of application are presented, including a specific focus on drift analysis to monitor marine debris concentration areas.

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