Implementing and Monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals in the Caribbean: The Role of the Ocean

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Identifying and Articulating Knowledge Needs for the Implementation and Monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals in Caribbean Small Island States and Matching Those Needs to Knowledge, Tools, and Data.

Brief Biography

Lorenzo Harewood
United Nations Development Programme

Lorenzo joined the United Nations Development Programme in June, 2014. Under the Energy, Environment and Climate Change Department where he assumed duties as Technical Administrative Associate for a $3.2 million German Sponsored Community Climate Change Adaptation project in Grenada. In this assignment he assisted with the simultaneous implementation and monitoring of 23 climate change adaptation projects under the Climate Change Adaptation Fund which is now in the process of being institutionalize in Grenada to facilitate the Green climate Fund.

Lorenzo brings extensive private and public sector experience in the areas of Housing, Finance, Insurance, Distribution and Information Technology. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Management from the University of the West Indies and a Graduate Certificate in Applied Project Management from Walden University in the USA.

Aside from his professional engagements, Lorenzo has a strong interest in the measurement and enhancement of collaboration amongst developing countries, specifically via South-South Cooperation.

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