Implementing and Monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals in the Caribbean: The Role of the Ocean

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Identifying and Articulating Knowledge Needs for the Implementation and Monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals in Caribbean Small Island States and Matching Those Needs to Knowledge, Tools, and Data.

Brief Biography

Stina Herberg
Director Richmond Vale Academy - Another Kind of School
Chateaubelair, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Stina Herberg is born in Norway and has more than 25 years of experience working with education and community mobilization in Africa, USA and St. Vincent. Stina has been the director of Richmond Vale Academy, a St. Vincent non-profit, since 2007. After several climate change disasters affecting thousands of people across our islands the Academy launched The St. Vincent Climate Compliance Conference 2012 - 2021.

The St. Vincent Climate Compliance Conference seeks to educate, raise awareness and mobilize people to take action. It offers a practical solution to building greater resilience into vulnerable communities by implementing actions to protect the natural resources that they depend on.

Since the initiation of the 10 year standing action conference more than 300 participants from the Caribbean and the rest of the world have participated in courses ranging from 2 weeks to 18 months. Together with hundreds of people in St. Vincent and The Grenadines, the climate compliance conference participants have removed 30 tons of trash from beaches, rivers and streets, initiated recycling rallies, planted 30 000 trees, taught hundreds of lessons on climate compliance in communities, schools, universities, radio and TV.

The Academy has transformed it's 30 acre farm to a non chemical sustainable farm. The Academy produces electricity from a 17.5 kw solar installation, has set up a bio-gas digester, harvest rainwater and uses solar pumps and solar water heaters. Funds are raised from partners and an Eco Tourism initiative with hiking and diving activities.

Currently the conference is engaged in marine initiatives, setting up sustainable home gardens and bio gas digesters in nearby communities, while continuing tree-planting, awareness and clean up actions.

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