Implementing and Monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals in the Caribbean: The Role of the Ocean

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Identifying and Articulating Knowledge Needs for the Implementation and Monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals in Caribbean Small Island States and Matching Those Needs to Knowledge, Tools, and Data.

Brief Biography

Dr. William Douglas Wilson
Caribbean Wind LLC

William Douglas (Doug) Wilson served 30 years as a US NOAA Oceanographer, researching ocean, coastal and estuarine dynamics. He is active in the Ocean Observing Community, serving as founding co-chairman and present Project Coordinator for IOCARIBE-GOOS, the Global Ocean Observing System Regional Alliance for the Caribbean; he is Chief Science Officer for OCOVI, Ocean and Coastal Observing – (US) Virgin Islands; serves on the Board of Directors of the US IOOS Mid-Atlantic Regional Association Coastal and Ocean Observing System; and is a Vice President of the Marine Technology Society. Through his consulting company, Caribbean Wind LLC, he is involved in projects related to sensor development, observing platforms and systems, water quality and environmental measurements, and offshore wind assessments.

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