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Data citation is currently under discussion in a number of international and national scientific organizations. The GEO Task ID-03 has published the GEOSS Data Citation Guidelines V2.0 (see, e.g., the overview for details), and these Guidelines are used to develop a testbed for data citation within the GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI).

A registration of the GEOSS Data Citation Guidelines V2.0 in the GEOSS Standards and Interoperability Agreements Registry has been requested; see print out.

The following contributions to the blog have been made:

Hans-Peter Plag, November 23, 2012:

It would be very good if the GEO Web Portal and the Discovery and Access Broker (DAB) could provide recommendations for specific citations for each dataset returned as a result of a search. However, this depends on the extent to which meta data provides the required information. A study of metadata should be conducted that measures the fraction of datasets for which a reasonable recommendation could be made.

Ian McCallum & Hans-Peter Plag, October 5, 2012:

We suggest to include the following text on the GEO Web Portal and the Discovery and Access Broker:

GEO recognizes the critical importance of data citation as an acknowledgement for data providers and an important incentive for the publication, documentation, registering and provision of data. GEO particularly encourages users of the GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI) to cite data found or accessed through the GCI. GEO recommends that data citation follows the GEOSS Data Citation Guidelines.

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