Mapping between STC Road Map Activities and Stakeholders

The STC roadmap presents a set of activities grouped under two headings, which can be mapped to the objectives:

Actively engage and incorporate S&T communities in developing GEOSS

No. Description Stakeholders Representatives
1a Revolving scientific review of each Work Plan, starting with the current work plan for 2009-2011 on grounds of scientific and technological soundness and completeness against the outstanding scientific questions and challenges in each of the SBAs. Funding agencies, Task Leads, Committees,
1b Implement review indicators in the M&E Framework to ensure that activities in individual GEO Tasks and Sub-Tasks meet the applicable scientific and technological standards.
1c Assess the requirement for continuity and long-term monitoring by Earth observation systems of essential data from GEOSS components.
1d Ensure state-of-the-art technology in the GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI) and Observation Infrastructures.
1e Respond to S&T needs and priorities in Earth observation for GEOSS.

Create incentives and promote GEO in S&T communities

No. Description Stakeholders Representatives
2a Get GEO/GEOSS better acknowledged in the scientific community.
2b Build a "GEO label" to recognise the scientific relevance, quality, acceptance and societal needs for activities in support of GEOSS.
2c Build awareness of GEO and GEOSS in the different S&T communities, within the scope of GEOSS development. (From 2009 on, included in Task ST-09-02.)
2d Show GEOSS at work with a set of compelling examples demonstrating how GEOSS serves the S&T communities in their work.
2e Enhance registration of scientific data sets as an important indicator for potential contributors from the science communities in assessing the relevance of GEOSS for their work.
2f Identify key commercial partners who could contribute to GEOSS and also benefit from improved observational means, products and services and might therefore support certain S&T development.
2g Catalyze research and development resources to help engage the S&T communities in implementing GEOSS.