Joint ConnectinGEO and GEO Workshop
Essential Variables for GEOSS
June 11-12, 2015, Bari, Italy

Towards a sustainability process for defining GEOSS Essential Variables

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The high-level output of the workshop will be a peer reviewed document on the EV status and definition process, and requirements concerning these EVs. The Workshop output will also contribute in more detail to two deliverables of the ConnectinGEO project:

  • D2.2: EVs current status in different communities and way to move forward: Report on the Essential Variables current status in the scientific community and the strategy to push them forward. This report will collect the results of an internal project meeting about the current status of the EVs and determine how to make progress.
  • D2.3: Proposal of EVs for selected themes: Report on the first proposal of EVs for selected themes. It will include description and justification of inclusion. It will collect drafts of SBA-specific EVs for Carbon (CMCC), Health and Pollution (CNR-IIA), Ecosystems (CNRISAC), Biodiversity (CNR- ISSIA), Energy (ARMINES), Disasters (TIWAH) and Oceans (CSIC). It will also include a report on the Co-located Essential Variables Workshop on M7.

The output will also include a list of all the available EVs, which will be provided in an initial database allowing to produce a table/matrix with SBAs and EVs. This table will show the areas less covered and help to identify which EVs are relevant to multiple SBAs, as well as the level at which the EVs are validated. The reports will include a summary of the current state and recommendations how to proceed in the future. The reports will be reviewed by at least one reviewer for each of the SBAs with the aim to cover different geographical regions. The reports will be published as joint ConnectinGEO and GEO documents.