ConnectinGEO Workshop
Observing Europe: Networking the Earth Observation Networks in Europe
September 21-22, 2015, Paris, France

First Workshop of the European Network of Earth Observation Networks (ENEON)

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The high-level output of the workshop will be a peer reviewed document on describing the ENEON. The Workshop output will also contribute in more detail to a deliverable of the ConnectinGEO project:

  • D3.1: ENEON methodology for management and coordination and first plenary Workshop minutes: The report on the ENEON plenary Workshop (WS2) will gather the minutes and all the information regarding the plenary. The workshops will also be used to build a collection of frameworks and best practices across domains and stakeholders that will be collected in this deliverable. The deliverable also describes the new aspect about ENEON methodology for management and coordination. It is important to differentiate this deliverable from the deliverable “D6.1 ConnectinGEO methodology,” which deals with the gap analysis and priorities, and which uses the ENEON know-how as input.

The output will also include proposed Terms of Reference for the ENEON and a list of potential ENEON members.