3rd GEOSS Science and Technology Stakeholder Workshop
March 23-25, 2015, Norfolk, VA, USA

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Integration of EO and in-situ data through expert knowledge for habitats and ecosystems monitoring

P. Blonda, C. Marangi, A. Adamo, C. Tarantino, F. Lovergine

Expert knowledge can be used to develop a descriptive scheme, based on ontologies, of habitats (as proxies for species), ecosystems, ecosystem services and their interactions/functions and related Indicators and variables such as Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBV), Essential Ecosystem Variables (EEV).

The main objective is to design and develop a pre-operational cost-effective environmental monitoring system able to integrate EO and in-situ data, based on the elicitation of such knowledge. The system should provide as outputs series of thematic maps (LCLU and habitats, ecosystems, with these based on MAES report definition) and extract indicators and essential variables (EV) to be used as inputs to change detection and modelling tools. The experience developed in the FP7 BIO_SOS project will be described as basis for future research within the Horizon2020 Ecopotential project.