3rd GEOSS Science and Technology Stakeholder Workshop
March 23-25, 2015, Norfolk, VA, USA

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The Challenge of accessing and Sharing “Big Data” in Real-Time — Connecting GEO Nations Now

Dave Jones, StormCenter Communications, Inc.

In today’s Information Age, data is the key to making informed decisions and analyzing the state of everything from climate change impacts and modeling to global market supply chains and transportation to national security. But with “Big Data” becoming boundlessly available in vast quantities, our biggest challenge is quickly narrowing in on the right subset of information. And in usable formats that help us solve the challenges at hand. Today, there are a variety of tools for visualizing and analyzing data, including geospatial tools, which provide powerful windows into complex natural and human systems. However, the full power of these tools is often limited by the distributed nature of both the data sets and the scientists, researchers, subject matter experts and decision-makers who collaborate to make sense of them. Complex interfaces and the constraints of bandwidth to facilitate virtual collaborations are further limitations to maximizing the real-time decision-making potential of these promising tools. Dave will discuss StormCenter’s technology innovation that is enabling the interoperability between disparate systems, data producers, subject matter experts and decision makers. As GEO looks to improve system-to-system interoperability, an integrated approach to building capacity within and across nations is now at hand. Dave Jones, CEO and Rafael Ameller, CTO will demonstrate a LIVE data sharing and collaboration interaction during this presentation with Rafael joining remotely.