3rd GEOSS Science and Technology Stakeholder Workshop
March 23-25, 2015, Norfolk, VA, USA

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Breakout Sessions Block 2: Quantifying the Metrics

Based on the outcome of the breakout session of the first day, the breakout sessions will consider the sets of essential variables for several goal sets (SDGs, SBAs, SOSH) and discuss availability and applicability of data for these essential variables that would allow quantification of these goal-related indicators.

Breakout Session 2.1: Essential Variables for Sustainable Development Goals, Global Boundaries and Safe Operating Space for Humanity

Chair: Hans-Peter Plag, Rapporteur: Senay Habtezion

Several of the proposed SDG indicators will be used as examples to discuss the status to which EVs are identified for these indicators.

Breakout Session 2.2: Essential Variables for GEO Societal Benefit Areas

Chair: Antonio Bombelli, Rapporteur: Kathy Fontaine

Several of the GEO SBAs have started processes towards the identification of EVs. The breakout session will review the status of these initiatives and their approaches to linking these EVs to metrics. The goal is to give recommendations how a consistent process could be developed to be used in all SBA areas.

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