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The human presence in the coastal environment is increasing rapidly, accompanied by an equally rapid growth in the built environment and consumer goods in the coastal zone. An increasing fraction of the urban population is in megacities that are located in the coastal zone or in the flood plains of major rivers. The urbanization of the coastal zone is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. At the same time, the coastal zone is exposed to a changing spectrum of natural hazards originating in the atmosphere–ocean and terrestrial systems. The way coastal urban areas are developed today creates a risk with potentially significant harmful impacts for future generation. This risk could be reduced through new designs of the urban coasts that ensure the built environment is adapted to the changing spectrum of hazards and through international rules for the abandonment of urban coasts that can no longer be defended against sea encroachment. This would help to bring current actions in line with normative ethics and reduce threats to the marine biosphere and future human generations. We invite papers that address all aspects of the threats the urban coast might pose to the ocean, including the development of the urban coast, the changing coastal hazard spectrum, the risk of marine debris originating in the urban coast, the impacts this debris might have on the marine biosphere, alternatives for the design of the urban coast that would reduce this risk, and ethical challenges in governing risks to future generations in designing today’s urban coast.

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The Initiative will convene a series of virtual working session on August 31-September 2, 2021. On each day, there will be two sessions with the first session at 13:00-14:20 UTC and the second session at 14:30-15:50 UTC. For more details, see the event page ...

The IEEE/OES Plastic in the Ocean Initiative in collaboration with the GEO Blue Planet Initiative organized a parallel session on “Building a Community to Address the Challenge of Marine Debris” at the GEO Symposium 2021. This session will took place on June 23, 2021 at 17:00-18:00 CEST. Visit the Symposium Web Page or watch the recording on YouTube.

The GEO Blue Planet Initiative organized a special event on “Challenges and Opportunities in monitoring the sources and pathways of Marine Debris in the Atlantic Ocean” at the All-Atlantic 2021 Conference. For details, see here.

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