4th GEOSS Science and Technology Stakeholder Workshop
March 24-26, 2015, Norfolk, VA, USA

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Serving Users with Enhanced Knowledge: A rapidly changing global society increasingly demands knowledge sharing by utilizing innovative services to generate knowledge from existing information. Technological and information revolutions provide a rapidly evolving foundation for satisfying these needs. The workshop aims to link users' information and knowledge needs with emerging technologies introducing novel concepts and workflows for data and model integration and knowledge generation.


For room information, see the Schedule.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

0800 - 1400:Registration
1400 - 1730:Joint Plenary Session A: Changing Science for a Changing Planet
Co-Chair: Hans-Peter Plag, James Syvitski
1400 - 1430Dork Sahagian: Keynote: Science and Society: Symbiotic or Askew? (abstract)
1430 - 1500Dennis Oijma: Keynote: Future Earth Research Challenges (abstract, presentation)
1500 - 1530Stefano Nativi: Keynote: The Next Revolution for the GEOSS Common Infrastructure (abstract, presentation)
1530 - 1600:Coffee Break
1600 - 1630Hans-Peter Plag: Keynote: The Need For A New Science to Guide Humanity's Transition Into The Post-Holocene (abstract, presentation: keynote, powerpoint)
1630 - 1700James Syvitski: Keynote: Use of Surface-Dynamic Models for Identifying Environmental Indicators and Processes (abstract)
1700 - 1725All: Discussion
1725 - 1730Session Chairs: Mission for the breakout sessions
1900 - 2100:Workshop Dinner (no host)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

0900 - 1030:Joint Breakout Sessions: Creating the practice-relevant knowledge to cope with global change
See the breakout session questions for this block ...
 Joint Breakout Session 1: Intelligent use of data quantity vs focusing on data quality
Chair: Stefano Nativi; Rapporteur: Bart de Lathouwer
0900 - 0905Stefano Nativi: Introduction to the breakout session
0905 - 0920Andreas Matheus: The COB-WEB Project
0920 - 0935Bart De Lathouwer: Use of WPS (and other web services) for Earth Observation (abstract, presentation)
0935 - 0950Jonas Eberle, Christian Hüttich, Christiane Schmullius: Automatization of information extraction to build up a crowd-sourced reference database for vegetation changes (abstract, presentation)
0950 - 1005Palma Blonda, C. Marangi, A. Adamo, C. Tarantino, F. Lovergine: Integration of EO and in-situ data through expert knowledge for habitats and ecosystems monitoring (abstract, presentation)
1005 - 1020Dave Jones: The Challenge of accessing and Sharing “Big Data” in Real-Time — Connecting GEO Nations Now (abstract)
1020 - 1030Stefano Nativi, Bart de Lathouwer: Session Summary
 Joint Breakout Session 2: Shifting from disciplinary to problem and solution focused science
Chair: Kathy Fontaine; Rapporteur: Andiswa Mlisa
0900 - 0915Kathy Fontaine: Introductions to the breakout session (presentation)
0915 - 1020All: Discussion
1015 - 1030Kathy Fontaine, Andiswa Mlisa: Session Summary
1030 - 1100:Coffee Break
1100 - 1230:Joint Plenary Session B: Linking Societal Goals, Science, Metrics, and Observing System
Co-Chairs: Stefano Nativi, Hans-Peter Plag
1100 - 1115Bart de Lathouwer: Report from joint breakout session 1
1115 - 1130Andiswa Mlisa: Report from joint breakout session 2 (presentation)
1130 - 1200Bruce Wielicki: Keynote: Climate Change Accuracy: Observing Requirements and Economic Value (presentation)
1200 - 1230All: Discussion
1230 - 1400:Lunch
1400 - 1530:Plenary Session 1: Leveraging a Never Ending Technological Revolution
Chair: Michel Schouppe
1400 - 1410Stefano Nativi: Welcome and Introduction
1410 - 1425Ben Burford: Utilizing the emerging data super nova for Earth observations (video, Video Text)
1425 - 1450Lea Shanley: Keynote: The Citizen Science Ecosystem (presentation)
1450 - 1515Muki Haklay: Keynote: Citizen Scientists and Crowdsourcing (abstract, presentation)
1515 - 1530All: Questions, Answers and Discussion
1530 - 1600:Coffee Break
1600 - 1730:Breakout Sessions Block 1: Emerging revolutions: challenges and opportunities
See the breakout session questions for this block ...
 Breakout Session 1.1: Cloud and Big Data Revolutions
Chair: Lorenzo Bigagli; Rapporteur: Bob Chen
1600 - 1610Lorenzo Bigagli: Introduction to the session and the BYTE project (presentation, Byte Fact Sheet, Byte Info Sheet)
1610 - 1720All: Discussion
1720 - 1730Lorenzo Bigagli, Bob Chen: Session Summary
 Breakout Session 1.2: Secure Consumerization: the Genuine Trustworthiness Revolution
Chair: Craig Lee; Rapporteur: Paolo Mazzetti
1600 - 1610Craig Lee: Introduction to the session
1610 - 1630Robert Bohn: NIST Cloud Federation and Cyberspace Identity Efforts (presentation)
1630 - 1650Daniel S. Katz: Social Cloud: Facilitating “Trustworthy” Compute & Data Resource Sharing (presentation)
1650 - 1710Craig Lee: Managing Disaster Response through On-Demand Resource Federation (presentation)
1710 - 1725All: Discussion
1725 - 1730Craig Lee, Paolo Mazzetti: Session Summary (Outcome Summary)
 Breakout Session 1.3: Social Revolution: Crowdsourcing movement, Citizen Observatories, and Earth Monitoring
Chair: Michel Schouppe; Rapporteur: Stefano Nativi
1600 - 1620Michel Schouppe: Introduction to the session (presentation)
1620 - 1640Brian Wee: Citizen Observatories (presentation)
1640 - 1700Jonas Eberle, Christian Hüttich, Christiane Schmullius: Crowd-sourced knowledge generation for the validation of global vegetation change analyses — A feedback tool to foster tests and evaluations of scientific algorithms (presentation)
1700 - 1725All: Discussion
1725 - 1730Michel Schouppe, Stefano Nativi: Session Summary (draft statement)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

0900 - 1030:Plenary Session 2: From Data to Knowledge Sharing
Chair: Greg Yetman
0900 - 0910Bob Chen: Report from Breakout Session 1.1 (presentation)
0910 - 0920Paolo Mazzetti: Report from Breakout Session 1.2 (presentation)
0920 - 0930Stefano Nativi: Report from Breakout Session 1.3 (presentation)
0930 - 1000Andrew Turner: Keynote: Information Generation from Data (presentation: external, local)
1000 - 1030Brian Wee: Keynote: From OpenData to OpenKnowledge: Generating Open Knowledge from Information and Data (presentation)
1030 - 1100:Coffee Break
1100 - 1230:Plenary Session 3: Creating Knowledge by Applying a New Governance, Sustainability and Economic Paradigm
Chair: Douglas Cripe
1100 - 1130Kathy Fontaine: Keynote: New Governance: The example of the Research Data Alliance (presentation)
1130 - 1200Jay Pearlman: Keynote: New Business Models (presentation)
1200 - 1230All: Discussion
1230 - 1400:Lunch
1400 - 1530:Breakout Sessions Block 2: Sustaining GEOSS in a Changing World
See the breakout session questions for this block ...
 Breakout Session 2.1: Global and Regional Observation Networks Sustainability and Capacity Building
Co-Chairs: Senay Habtezion, Bob Chen; Rapporteur: Wolfgang Grabs
1400 - 1410Bob Chen: Introduction to the session (presentation)
1410 - 1430Lucia Lovison-Golob: Chilean Web Services and AIP- Capacity Building activity related to Societal Benefit Areas (abstract, presentation)
1430 - 1450Senay Habtezion: Case Studies on the Role of EOs in Environmental Policy Support — A Synthesis (abstract, presentation)
1450 - 1510Andiswa Mlisa: ID-02 – Developing Institutional and Individual Capacity (presentations)
1510 - 1525All: Discussion
1525 - 1530Wolfgang Grabs: Session Summary
 Breakout Session 2.2: A sustainable GEO Information System of Systems
Chair: Lorenzo Bigagli; Rapporteur: Greg Yetman
1400 - 1415Lorenzo Bigagli: Introduction to the session
1415 - 1445David Arctur (University of Texas at Austin), Robert Arko (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory), Stefano Nativi (CNR, ESSI Lab), Joan Starr (California Digital Library): Data Citation: DOI-Enabling GEOSS Discovery and Access (abstract, presentation)
1445 - 1520All: Discussion
1520 - 1530Greg Yetman: Session Summary
1530 - 1600:Coffee Break
1600 - 1730:Plenary Session 4: Final Discussion, and Conclusions: Setting Priorities
Co-Chairs: Hans Peter Plag, Stefano Nativi
1600 - 1610Wolfgang Grabs: Report from Breakout Session 2.1 (summary)
1610 - 1620Greg Yetman: Report from Breakout Session 2.2 (presentation)
1620 - 1640Douglas Cripe: Linking the Workshop outcomes to the GEO Strategic Plan (presentation)
1640 - 1715All: General Discussion, Priorities, and Declaration
1715 - 1730Workshop Chairs: Final General Discussion and Priorities setting