Implementing and Monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals in the Caribbean: The Role of the Ocean


January 16, 2018

1800 - 1900:Registration
1900 - 2100:Informal No-Host Ice-Breaker

January 17, 2018

0730 - 0830:Registration
0830 - 1020:Session 0: Opening Session
Co-Chairs: Dr. Hans-Peter Plag and Danielle Evanson
0830 - 0840:Hon. Saboto Caesar: Welcome
0840 - 0845:Dr. Douglas Cripe: Welcoming Message from GEO (presentation)
0845 - 0850:Dr. Hans-Peter Plag: Goals of the Workshop (slides)
0850 - 0910:Chad Blackman: Implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Developments in the Caribbean Small Island States: Challenges and Opportunities (write up
0910 - 0935:Dr. Clare Morrall: Science Support for Policy Development for the Implementation of the SDGs (presentation)
0935 - 1000:Dr. Irena Zubcevic (remotely): The Potential of the Blue Economy: Increasing Long-term Benefits of the Sustainable Use of Marine Resources for Small Island Developing States and Coastal Least Developed Countries (presentation)
1005 - 1025:Dr. Argyro Kavvada (remotely): Earth Observations in Service of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (presentation)
1025 - 1045:Coffee Break
1045 - 1245:Session 1: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in Caribbean Small Island States
Co-Chairs: Jai Rampersad, Dr. Julian Roberts
1045 - 1050:Co-Chairs: Introduction to the Session
1050 - 1110:Alwyn Ponteen: It Takes A Global Village — Strengthen SDG Implementation in the Caribbean: Turning Passion for the Ocean into Powerful Partnerships (presentation, abstract)
1110 - 1130:Joseph Smith Abbott: SDGs in British Virgin Islands (presentation)
1130 - 1145:Dr. James Lord: NGOs and SDGs: The Example of SusGren (presentation)
1145 - 1245:Panel: Regional challenges in SDG implementation and monitoring
Panel members: Lorenzo Harewood, UNDP (Cristopher Corbin, UN-CEP; Milton Haughton, CRFM
1245 - 1330:Lunch Break
1330 - 1730:Fieldtrip
Chair: Louise Mitchell
1330 - 1730:Field trip: Living on a Small Island State and Interacting with the Ocean.
  1. Visit to the site of Serenity Dive in Calliaqua, South Coast.
  2. Sans Souci beach - major nesting site for leatherback turtles.
  3. Visit a natural farm at Sans Souci.
1900 - 2100:Workshop Dinner

January 18, 2018

0930 - 1000:Doug Wilson, Emily Smail: Introduction to Matching Framework (Framework Description)
1000 - 1040:Session 2: Interdependencies and interactions of SDGs, Targets and Indicators in Caribbean Small Island States
Co-Chairs: Danielle Evanson, Dr. Hans-Peter Plag
1000 - 1005:Co-Chairs: Introduction to the Session
1005 - 1035:Dr. Julian Roberts and Alan Evans: Interdependencies between SDG's and their implementation: The Challenges faced by Small Island State Governments and across the region (presentation)
1035 - 1100:Lucia Fanning and Dr. Robin Mahon: Implementing the Ocean Sustainable Development Goal in the Wider Caribbean: State of Play and Possible Ways Forward (presentation)
1100 - 1115:Coffee Break
1115 - 1245:Session 2: continued
Co-Chairs: Danielle Evanson, Dr. Hans-Peter Plag
1115 - 1130:Louise Mitchell: Sustainable use of natural resources: preservation and conservation
11:30 - 1215:Panel: Towards responsible consumption and production in thriving and healthy communities: The link to the Ocean
Panel Members: Chad Blackman (International Trade), Rose Alabaster (GEOGLOWS, presentation), Dr. Shona Paterson (Future Earth Coasts, presentation), Sade Deane (CYEN)
1215 - 1245:Table discussions: Stakeholders and SDG Implementation
Questions to be considered
Table Topics for Round 1:
  1. Science Support for SIS Governments (Dr. Clare Morrall, Dr. Robin Mahon)
  2. NGO and Private Sector Contributions to SDG Implementation (Dr. James Lord, Kate Charles)
  3. Fisheries, Food Security, and Life Under Water: SDGs 2 Versus SDG 14 (Milton Haughton, Zahidah Afrin Nisa)
  4. Blue Growth and Poverty: SDG 1 versus SDG 14 (Dr. Julian Roberts, Celeste Jules)
  5. Education for Sustainability, Justice, and Equality (Stina Herberg, Shelley Jules-Plag)
1245 - 1330:Lunch Break
1330 - 1430:Session 2 continued
Co-Chairs: Danielle Evanson, Dr. Hans-Peter Plag
1330 - 1400:Table discussions: Stakeholders and SDG Implementation continue
1400 - 1440:Table reporting
1440 - 1540:Session 3: Ocean-related variables and indicators essential for SDG implementation and monitoring in Caribbean Small Island States
Co-Chairs: Zahidah Afrin Nisa and Milton Haughton
1440 - 1510:Laura Lorenzoni: Ocean and sustainability-related variables: The example of ocean biology and biochemistry (presentation)
1510 - 1520:Discussion
1520 - 1610:Table discussions: Ocean variables relevant to sustainability and 2030 Agenda Implementation
Questions to be considered
Table Topics for Round 2:
  1. Supporting a Sustainable Blue Economy - SDGs 8, 9, 10, 12, 13 (Alan Evans)
  2. Food and Water Security, Health, Poverty - SDGs 1, 2, 3, 6 (Rose Alabaster, Emily Smail)
  3. Maritime Transportation, Fisheries, Pollution, Marine Biodiversity - Implementing SDGs 14, 15 (Attish Kanhai, Thema Ward)
  4. Ocean and Safe and Thriving Communities - SDGs 7, 10, 11, 12, 13 (Dr. Shona Paterson, Artie Dubrie)
  5. Climate Change, Biodiversity, and the Ocean SDGs 13, 14, 15 (Dr. Laura Lorenzoni, Cesar Toro)
1610 - 1620:Coffee Break
1620 - 1700:Session 3 continued
Co-Chairs: Zahidah Afrin Nisa and Milton Haughton
1620 - 1700:Table reporting
1700 - 1830:Session 4: Observational requirements for ocean-related variables and indicators
Co-Chairs: Francisco Chavez and Emily Smail
1700 - 1715:Dr. Emily Smail: Summary of ocean and sustainability-related variables (presentation)
1715 - 1735:Dr. Joaquin Trinanes: Observational requirements for variables related to human health and safety (presentation)
1735 - 1750:Cesar Toro: Observational requirements for variables related to ecosystem health (presentation, Hurricane Maria annimation, Hurricane Irma annimation, Hurricane Harvey annimation)
1750 - 1810:Nazeer Gopaul: Observational requirements for variables related to industry activities (presentation)
1810 - 1825:Milton Haughton: Observational requirements for variables related to fisheries applications (presentation)
1825 - 1840:Vaughn Martin: Supporting observations with citizen science and crowd-sourcing (presentation)

January 19, 2018

0900 - 1030:Session 5: Matching users, requirements and products
Co-Chairs: Chris Corbin and Doug Wilson
0900 - 0915:Dr. Emily Smail and Doug Wilson: Matchmaking (Matchmaking groups)
0925 - 0945:Dr. Hans-Peter Plag: Gaps in sustainability-related knowledge, products, and observations (presentation)
0945 - 1030: Matchmaking supporting SDG Implementation and Monitoring:
  1. Information Providers. Moderator: Chris Corbin
  2. Monitoring, Regulation and Enforcement. Moderator: Doug Wilson
  3. Decision Makers. Moderator: Dr. Emily Smail
1030 - 1100:Coffee Break
1100 - 1230:Session 5: continued
Co-Chairs: Chris Corbin and Doug Wilson
1100 - 1230:Matchmaking supporting SDG Implementation and Monitoring
1230 - 1330:Lunch Break
1330 - 1400:Session 5: continued
Co-Chairs: Chris Corbin and Doug Wilson
1330 - 1400:Summarizing Matchmaking Experience
1400 - 1630:Session 6: Improving availability of Earth observations in service of SDG implementation in Caribbean Small Island States
Co-Chairs: Dr. Douglas Cripe; Dr. Hans-Peter Plag
1400 - 1420:Jai Rampersad: SDGs in the Caribbean (presentation)
1420 - 1440:Artie Dubrie: Integrating geography and statistics to assist public policies for SDG implementation (presentation)
1440 - 1500:Lorenzo Harewood: UN: Supporting national actions through regional collaboration (write up)
1500 - 1520:Rose Alabaster: Water, Food, and Safe Environment: The Role of the Ocean (presentation)
1520 - 1540:Dr. Douglas Cripe: GEO: Facilitating the creation and use of knowledge (presentation)
1540 - 1600:Dr. Laura Lorenzoni: Opportunities for new and improved observations (presentation)
1600 - 1620:Hon. Saboto Caesar: What would help us most: The view from the Small Island State Governments
1620 - 1630:Dr. Hans-Peter Plag: Closing Remarks: Where do we go from here?

This workshop was sponsored by:

under grant 80NSSC17K0241